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Before you hit the road for your next adventure, be sure you’re up to date on all the necessary RV maintenance with the services provided by Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop in Kansas City, MO. When you own an RV, long road trips are commonplace, but to ensure safer travels on your upcoming excursion, it’s crucial to understand the requirements for pre-trip, monthly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance on your RV.

Checklists, advice, and recommendations have been compiled by our RV professionals to assist you in adhering to maintenance plans. They make it simple to schedule RV maintenance in advance, allowing you to spend less time in service bays and more time traveling and creating lasting memories.


We're here to keep your RV in good working order. Regular maintenance, difficult repairs, bodywork, glass replacement, motorhome repair, and many other services are areas of expertise for our RV mechanics and service specialists. We have you covered whether you're using your pickup truck to pull an RV or operating your own motorized RV.

Experienced rv repair company in Kansas City, MO

Our comprehensive line of RV adhesives, sealants, and tapes are built with recreational vehicles in mind, making lightweight, durable trailers possible. A wide selection of solutions is available through our product portfolio of different chemistries, many of which minimize or completely remove VOCs.

In addition to strengthening our product line and bringing decades of knowledge to our team, the addition of the best adhesives and sealants to Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop’s portfolio enriches our product line.

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We have the supplies needed for every RV glue, sealant, and tape needed here at Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop. Our team in Kansas City, MO specializes in the design of specialized formulations to satisfy particular needs and has years of expertise in creating solutions for the recreational vehicle market. For the best RV repair services, Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop is the industry leader.

We offer Full-Service On-Site Repairs, Maintenance, and Renovation. So if you are searching for the best RV repair near me, RV repair and service near me, or RV repair and parts near me in Kansas City, MO, contact us now!

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Services We Provides in Kansas City, MO

RV Repair And Maintenance

From urgent major repairs to preventative upkeep, appliance repair, and warranty service, our Master Certified Technicians are experts in it all.

Preventative maintenance might mean the difference between inexpensive annual upkeep and pricey long-term problems. Maintaining the RV appliances and plumbing can help you avoid having to replace them on the cheap in the future. Roof seams, windows, and weather flashing can all be resealed. By providing RV service bundles for trailers and motorhomes, Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop simplifies maintenance and repairs. Have your chassis, bodywork, window repairs, and other internal and exterior works handled by our experts. We are also delighted to do warranty repairs.

Feel free to Contact Us for all your RV Maintenance and Care needs in Kansas City, MO.

RV Mobile Repair Shop

The primary focus of Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop’s operations has remained mobile service. We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that our mobile repair trucks can offer the same level of service that we provide at our service center, and we will work with your schedule to get you back on your weekend or vacation excursion as soon as possible.

Before dispatching the truck, we make sure to ask all the necessary questions to ensure the service technician has everything needed for your repair. Each truck is very well stocked with parts for a wide range of repairs. With the exception of a few significant projects requiring specialized equipment, we can do everything on-site

RV Repair Parts

Finding the appropriate part as soon as you can is all that matters when you’re trying to fix your RV. At Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop, we make that happen with an experienced team and the largest assortment of RV parts, accessories, and appliances in Kansas City, MO.

Our retail location houses the parts and accessories that our clients require the most frequently, while our huge inventory storage space holds a considerably wider range. We pledge to only undertake necessary repairs, but we’ll offer advice on routine maintenance if there are any potential warning signs. We will always seek the client’s approval before performing any repairs.


At our mobile repair shop we want your RV to function just as it did when you first acquired it. You can appreciate the convenience of having a full-time, qualified technician visit your RV on-site.

Customer satisfaction is Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop’s top goal. We take great pride in delivering the best work with complete customer satisfaction. With us, you always have reliable RV repair at a reasonable price the first time.

All RV models and their systems are serviced and repaired by us. Allow one of our mobile mechanics in Kansas City, MO to come to you for assistance with anything from roof repair and resealing to steps, refrigerators, gas and electrical systems, RV restoration, and more! In no time at all, you’ll be back enjoying your trip.

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    We deal with the majority of manufacturers' warranties, insurance companies, and after-market warranty providers. Our goal is to make the whole process easier for you. We also offer guarantee in our services. If you are not satisfied with the work, we’ll redo it.

  • Transparency

    We'll provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the diagnoses and repairs we made. After processing and receiving payment, we will send you a copy of the paid invoice for your records. We offer the best Kansas City RV repair services. Kansas RV Mobile Repair Shop thinks that strong bonds between members of the team and with customers are the key to success.

  • Dedicated Team

    We're eager to get to know you and take care of all of your RV needs. Our organization has always been known for its commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and experience. So choose us without a doubt... Whenever you need us, we are available to you!

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Dealt with our warranty provider on our behalf. Quickly got warranty parts in and installed. They were quite competent. I definitely suggest them for any RV work, including warranty repairs.

Qualified specialists who will go above and beyond to locate the items you require and provide your RV with high-quality service. They were reasonably priced and highly competent! Very recommended!

They made my RV repairs. Whenever there were issues, they always kept me informed. professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would STRONGLY advise using them for ANY required work.

Adjustable Hammer RV Services put a lot of effort towards restarting our RV's air conditioning. When they said they would, they arrived, and they worked fast to fix us.

The men who worked on my RV were courteous, diligent, professional, and reliable. We'd suggest them to anyone in need of repairs. great business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business hours for RV service and repair are available 24/7. You can contact us anytime.

Yes, at our Kansas RV Repair mobile shop, we offer emergency repair services for RVs. Contact us for more information.

The most common RV repairs include plumbing, electrical, and HVAC issues.

Typical RV maintenance includes regular inspections, fluid checks, and tire rotations.

The three types of RV use are full-time living, part-time living, and recreational travel.

Yes, we can complete warranty repairs on your RV. Contact us for more information about RV repair and maintenance services.

RV stands for a recreational vehicle, which is designed for travel and leisure activities.

RVs should be maintained every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

Yes, we offer payment plans for repair services. Contact us for more information about Mobile RV repair Kansas City, MO.

Yes, we work on brakes, chassis, and tires, as well as other RV components. Contact us for more information.

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